Iberdrola: improves its dividend and presents a new potential of 37%

Iberdrola’s results show global progress, while its figures in Spain continue to decline and the dividend riseswhile the trend will be maintained, also in the 2023 flexible dividend payments, the first payment of which is already expected in January.

And that has come in addition to the changes in the company leadership, as we have already told you to separate for the first time in more than two decades in the company the figure of the president and the CEO, who is already occupied by Armando Martínez Martínz, until now General Director of Business at Iberdrola.

Specifically, as shown in the image, this is the calendar that marks the entity for remuneration in the first payment of 2023. The most significant in this payment on account of the results of the current fiscal year, is that it will reach 0.18 euros per share, and it already improves the first delivered in 2022 and which corresponded to what was earned in 2021. It rises in concrete almost 6%.

Iberdrola next calendar of its dividend

In addition, market experts have returned to pronounce on the value behind the results. From Banco Sabadell they reiterate their commitment to buy the security with PO of 11.75 euros per share. already from Renta 4, his advice is to overweight with a higher target price of 12.73 euros per share. From UBS they bet on buying the stock with a PO of 11.35 euros, since its analyst Gonzalo Sánchez-Bordona points out that there are two tailwinds on the value that go through the favorable effects of the exchange rate and the growth experienced by the renewable energy.

From Jefferies they also recommend buying the value on the stock market with a target price of 12 euros per share since for its analyst Ahmed Farman the energy company has exceeded market expectations with its results. JPMorgan, for its part, maintains neutral and a PO of 11.35 euros, while his analyst Javier Garrido qualifies his accounts as expected with the confirmation of the annual objectives.

But the one who gives the best and longest run to Iberdrola’s shares is Barclays, which, thanks to its results due to the improvement in operating income or Ebitda, exceeded expectations, as indicated by its analyst José Ruiz. From the British bank overweight the value with a target price of 14.10 euros per share, which gives the value a potential of 37%.

In its price graph we see that Iberdrola has managed to settle on 10 euros per share, since last the 25th with up to seven consecutive sessions with accumulated profits of 7.80%, which raises its annual position, its progress in 2022 on the Ibex, to 3.2%.

Iberdrola annual stock price

Iberdrola, as indicated the Investment Strategies analyst José Antonio González, “remains without major changes, maintaining below the resistance area of ​​11,589 / €1.18 per share and above the support area of ​​€8.54 / €8.22 per share. In the short term, an accumulation figure is activated in the form of an inverted Head-Shoulder-Shoulder (HCHi) that could cause bullish rotations in the short term above the next resistance to beat projected from €10.315 / €10.23 per share”.

Iberdrola in weekly chart (Left) and daily chart (Right) with Average Amplitude Range in percentage, MACD oscillator and trading volume

Iberdrola technical analysis of value

In addition, the technical indicators prepared by Estrategias de Inversión show us that Iberdrola is moving downwards, with a cut of three points that places the total value score in the 2 out of 10 possible for your actionsyes In positive, the slow total moment hardly moves, which is positive for the value and the volume of business in the long term, which is growing.

On the other side we find that the long-term trend is bearish and medium as well, with a fast total momentum that is negative, medium-term turnover that is declining and the volatility of the value that is growing in its two aspects, both in the medium and long term.

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reference: www.estrategiasdeinversion.com

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