Prosegur approves its new code of ethics with a greater focus on sustainability, transparency and innovation

Prosegur, a leading global security company, is firmly committed to the highest regulatory compliance, good corporate governance, ethics and transparency. For this reason and with the aim of reflecting the maturity of the company’s commitments and adapting to social changes, Prosegur has approved and published a new version of its Code of Ethics and Conduct. In this way, the company continues to strengthen its actions in the field of governance, in line with its purpose and values. An area where Prosegur already had a solid model adapted to the most demanding international regulations and standards.

All areas and departments of the company have participated in the preparation of this document, which includes a series of updated behavioral guidelines, principles and values ​​for the nearly 150,000 workers who are part of Prosegur. Thanks to this 360º vision, with contributions from all the businesses, and support areas such as Human Resources, Legal, Sustainability, Economic-financial or Compliance, among others, a more transversal and inclusive update has been achieved.

Miguel Soler, Global Director of Internal Audit and Regulatory Compliance, points out that: “The Code of Ethics and Conduct is an essential document because it guides the behavior expected of all Prosegur professionals and reflects our commitment to act in accordance with common principles and standards in all our activities and in our relationships with employees. interest groups. In addition, it is a fundamental pillar and an ethical reference for governance and the compliance program”.

This version replaces the previous one, in force since 2013, and integrates new content that wants to reflect the present of the company, its values ​​and commitments and the future that it considers. The deep renovation of the document wants to respond to the new social context that surrounds us, in which technologies such as big data or Artificial Intelligence are protagonists, and where ESG criteria (environmental, social and good corporate governance) have more and more importance.

The Code of Ethics and Conduct faithfully reflects Prosegur’s DNA, which is based on making the world a safer place, caring for people and companies, as well as the principles of its leadership model: passion for the client; team spirit, responsibility and commitment; orientation to results; transformation and innovation.

New and more developed content

The update of the Code seeks to incorporate the best practices and ethical standards. In addition, issues related to sustainability and the reduction of environmental impact have been added or updated, as well as the protection of personal data and privacy, prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism, intellectual property rights and industrial property. And the proper and secure treatment of the company’s information or the responsible use of disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence have also been taken into account.

To guarantee compliance with the new Code of Conduct, the team responsible for the update has designed a global dissemination program, which includes communication, awareness-raising and training actions to ensure that all Prosegur employees have access to, are aware of and comply with the content of this document.


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