Após Elon Musk buy Twitter, Dogecoin faz novos milionários

In a recent movement to Dogecoin (DOGE) it appreciated considerably, being the leading cryptocurrency in recent days. Or Reason? After the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk, the businessman assumed the position of CEO of the platform. But will it be that a wave tem força to continue?

or number of Millionaires in Dogecoin rose to 1,046 on November 1returning to the 1,000 mark for the first time since April 2022. Notably, the DOGE price also reached US$0.15.

The Dogecoin millionaires will start to be common in 2021 after some tweets from Elon Musk and an active participation of the tycoon in the cryptocurrency community. Either the price of the asset shot above US$ 0.50, but the market remains fez or the number of millionaires will fall considerably.

A volta two millionaires of Dogecoin

About 887 people have a balance of US$1 million or more in Dogecoin, based on numbers provided by the cryptocurrency data tracking site BitInfoCharts.com.

Also, 160 entitlements with a total balance of US$ 10 million or more.

Dice on the millionaire wallets of Dogecoin. Source: BitInfoCharts

According to the data archived in the Wayback Machine, it is possible to note that the number of millionaires on September 11 was 590. Isso indicates that the number quase dobrou in less than two months, representing an increase of 77.55%.

It is possible to see the movement of Dogecoin in the last few days, and it really needs enough attention to look at the charts.

Movement of the price of Dogecoin in the last 7 days. – CoinMarketCap.

We observe the monthly graph, at high it is still more accentuated and it makes clear the influence that Elon Musk still has no price of digital assets.

Price of Dogecoin in the last 30 days, with a wink being perceptible at the end of the month.

High tem how will it be maintained for a long time?

The price of money began to rise with the news that Elon Musk on Twitter was about to date the acquisition agreement of US $ 44 billion and will continue its high trend after the agreement was officially concluded.

As iso, the movement of discharge of Dogecoin is, almost exclusively, linked to the hype of the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk.

And just like the hype of 2021, this probably won’t last long either. But Dogecoin has shown resilience before, with a community highly loyal to the project.

reference: livecoins.com.br

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