STASIS EURO Stablecoin to be Backed by XRP Ledger

EURO STASISa stablecoin developed by the firm stasiswill be supported by the XRP Ledger Rippl. They also announced that the integration of EURS has already been completed, according to Daily Hodl.

He said Stasis CEO Gregory Klumov:

“Another brick has just been added to the EURS base, and it will solidify our asset for the next stablecoin market adoption cycle. Our ongoing partnership will focus on exploring the XRP emerging opportunities to enable better financial inclusion, as well as stablecoin infrastructure and services that truly align with the Web3 scope values”.

Some of Stasis’ partners include BitGo and BitFinex.

EURS is a stablecoin based on Ethereum (ETH) what do you expect remain pegged to the euro in a 1:1 ratio. The EURS is used as means of payment and as a hedge against volatility.

Stasis said that there are multiple reasons why it chose to use the XRP Ledger for EURS:

“The combination of specific qualities makes the STASIS issued stablecoin stand out from the crowd. The latest research carried out by the project team clearly shows that EURS is a top active multi-string after facilitating a study on euro stablecoins. Considering the direction towards multi-chain development, we find that XRPL is the same rails of blockchain that provide significant benefits such as advanced scalability, higher speed and lower cost”.

The launch of the new stablecoin comes months after Ripple secured a partnership with the digital asset exchange. Cross Tower for bring non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to the XRP Ledger.

Rippl It is trading at $0.4534 at noon and the 70 and 200 period moving averages continue to surround the price.

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