Recommendations of the Ibex values ​​and their new potential

ACS is one of the best-performing stocks so far this year in the Spanish selective and Alantra has just raised its rating and target price for the stock. For this order, your bet goes to neutral from the previous sell for value and your PO it rises substantially to 32.70 euros from the previous 27.19 euros.

In the case of IAG (Iberia) the last three recommendations issued for the value give one of lime and the other of sand, although they leave a more than acceptable margin of improvement for the value thanks to the recovery of tourism expected for this summer. Despite this, from Bankinter they revised their TP down to 2.4 euros per share from the previous 2.7. Although they maintain purchase recovery pending the good evolution of reserves.

Among the risks they perceive is the economic slowdown or possible limitations when it comes to increasing their capacity, understanding that the acquisition of Air Europa makes strategic sense to create a great hub between Europe and Latin America. While, from Bernstein they choose to overweight the value with a target price of 2.183 euros per sharehighlights its analyst Alexander Irving, who remains optimistic about the value thanks to his focus on increasing long-haul western flights.

IAG annual value quote

For his part since UBS leave the value’s target price at 2.123 euros per title. Its analyst Jarrod Castle neutralizes the advice on its actions, stating that there are “no signs of weakness in the intention to travel and associated spending, with travel demand already close to its pre-pandemic level.

BBVA also presents new recommendations, while from Citi they see excessive “the Turkish punishment” about to the second round of the presidential elections to be held this Sunday. And they repeat their buying advice on value.

From Deutsche Bank they endorse their potential close to 50% for their shares, while from Bankinter they also endorse their purchase rating with a target price of 8.20 euros per share. And from Keefe B&W, they rate the value as holding with a target price of 8.63 euros per share.

BBVA annual price of the value

In Inditex we see that UBS and its analyst Sreedhar Mahamkali drop their rating to buy the stock with a target price of 33 euros per sharebecause he expects that the quarterly figures to be published in early June should provide more evidence of his positive investment assessment and even indicates that the fashion group’s sales are likely to have increased more than the market expects.

Nothing to do with the vision that reflects on the shares of Inditex GVC Gaesco, which even presents negative potential for the value, at 30.14 euros They mark their target price with neutral advice on the textile giant’s titles.

Negative vision that, in the case of Solaria, also reflects on the value of Societé Generale. The French firm reduces its rating on the security to hold from buy, and cuts drastically, up to 15.30 euros from the previous 22.50, the PO of the value

Solaria annual value quote

At Repsol, Morgan Stanley leaves the advice on the value at equal to the market with a target price of 14.10 euros per share while, from Jefferies, they cut their rating to hold from buy with a target price that also falls significantly to 14 euros per share from the previous 19, understanding that the macroeconomic environment that is presented for the value is more challenging .

Good news for Grifols from Citi. They increase their target price to 23 euros from the previous 22.3 in which they kept their old PO. All this while Morgan Stanley points out that the blood products company is one of the most exposed, 62% specifically, to the United States, while overweighting the value.

Grifols annual value price

Finally, from Iberdrola UBS raises its target price, specifically its analyst Gonzalo Sánchez-Bordona, up to 13.15 euros per share from the previous 13, with rpurchase recommendation. It indicates that the agreement with the American PNM is being delayed, even its closure is uncertain. But he points out that even if it does not take place, the tax on valuation and profits would be very limited. He considers that Iberdrola offers growth and defensive characteristics in equal parts, which is why it deserves a premium rating compared to most of its direct competitors.

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