Unlucky investor loses R$ 700 thousand after investing in memecoins

Investing in cryptocurrencies has been a hot topic in recent years, with many investors looking to obtain quick profits through riskier assets, such as memecoins.

Despite some rare cases, we will show that investors get great profits with these assets, but all the stories end happily, and a recently discovered investor is the most difficult way.

In the middle of February of the memecoins in the last few days, where cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and, more recently, PEPE ganharam stood out, an investor known as @sighduck suffered big losses when investing in several memecoins.

Investor loses R$ 737 thousand in less than a month

Second shared dice peel lookonchainan on-chain analysis provider company, the investor lost a total of US$ 147,000, about 737 thousand reais, in less than a month.

The story is even more painful when one considers that some of these memecoins, such as TURBO hey BENthey will skyrocket in value after baleia sell their shares.

The unlucky investor lost US$46,313 investing in the TURBO cryptocurrency, buying or asset for $0.0004915 on May 4 and selling it all at $0.0002525 due to the price drop one day later.

It happens that the price of TURBO shot up 10 times after it was sold, and BEN has an increase of 85 times, which means that the investor lost the time to obtain significant profits.

The controversy surrounding another memecoin called PSYOP also affected negatively or investor. He traded 5 units of Ethereum (ETH) for the asset, which was considered a possible coup, and received 8.9 million PSYOP in trade.

Feeling cheated, the investor decided to sell all his coins without making a profit.

No entanto, after the sale, PSYOP was valued five times. Perhaps scared of losing a profit opportunity again, he decided to spend more than 60 ETH to buy PSYOP and sell everything after 10 minutes, again without making a profit, probably worried about the possibility of being deceived again.

Investment in memecoins

This history of investment in memecoins serves as a nameplate for two risks associated with these highly volatile and speculative assets.

Even though some investors have made fortunes quickly with memecoins, most people face big losses.

In the absence of regulation, the unpredictable nature of these currencies can lead to high levels of volatility and market manipulation, which makes investing in them extremely risky.

Investors interested in memecoins must be aware of the two risks involved and take appropriate precautions. It is important to do a thorough research on the project, its development equipment and history of the currency before investing.

Also, it is advisable to invest only an amount that you are willing to lose completely, because the memecoin market is highly speculative and volatile.

reference: livecoins.com.br

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