Bitcoin receives updates, sees or changes

Version 25.0 of Bitcoin Core was released on this sixth fair, May 26, bringing with it a series of significant improvements. The update embraces a new approach, expanding the possibilities and improving the efficiency of the Bitcoin network.

The Bitcoin Core plays a fundamental role in ensuring the smooth operation and integrity of the Bitcoin network.

Being the reference implementation of the Bitcoin (BTC) protocol, Bitcoin Core acts as a full-fledged client, allowing users to validate transactions, maintain a copy of the blockchain, and participate in the consensus process.

Or what’s new in the world Bitcoin Core 25

One of the most notable changes is the permission of transactions of size not testemunhal of 65 bytes, as mentioned above Update notes available on GitHub.

This expansion reflects concern in improving protections against vulnerabilities, such as CVE-2017-12842, as well as opening up new possibilities for minor transaction use cases.

Furthermore, Bitcoin Core 25.0 introduces new remote procedure calls (RPCs), crucial elements for on-chain applications that need to read and record information to work with blockchains.

One of these RPCs is a remote procedure called “scanblocks”, which returns the relevant blockhashes of a set of descriptors, checking all block filters at the specified interval. This new functionality allows quick verification of wallets in combination with other RPCs, such as “getblockheader” and “rescanblockchain”.

The update also presents a series of improvements in the portfolio, with new functions, such as “minconf” and “maxcon”, which offer greater control and flexibility to users.

The graphical user interface (GUI) has also been enhanced to provide a more intuitive and user-friendly experience for Bitcoin Core users. Além disso, foram implemented new configurations that extend the customization and adaptability of the software.

The Bitcoin Core, as an open source project, is highly valued by the Bitcoin community and is maintained by a dedicated team of developers. The team works tirelessly to improve the security, scalability and usability of the Bitcoin network, ensuring a reliable environment for decentralized financial transactions.

With version 25.0 of Bitcoin Core, the Bitcoin network enters a new era of development and enhancement. This update brings significant improvements that promote greater efficiency, flexibility and security for users.


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