Bitcoin will hit US$ 500,000, say Facebook twins

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are frequently called out in the lawsuit against Facebook, alleging that Mark Zuckerberg robbed their idea of ​​the social network. As of today, the twins have earned US$ 65 million per share.

No meanwhile, there is little doubt that the twins will use part of their thousands to invest in Bitcoin and startups in the sector, transforming US$ 65 million into US$ 3 billion.

Some analyzes suggest that they would buy thousands of dollars in bitcoin when the cryptocurrency was still trading for US$ 10, in 2012. Later, in 2014, they also created their own brokerage, Gemini, one of the most famous in the US.

Irmãos Winklevoss confirms that Bitcoin will continue to rise

Despite having taken full advantage of Bitcoin in the last decade, Cameron and Tyler do not believe that it will stop or stop. em talk to The Nationalpublished in this fourth fair (7), the twins will affirm that Bitcoin will cost half a thousand dollars.

“Our optimistic case for Bitcoin is that it will go bankrupt or ours.”

“If the accounts are raised on the offer of 21 thousand bitcoins and the market value of our gold, let’s say it is US$ 10 trilhões, it will leave 1 Bitcoin worth US$ 500,000”Tyler continued.

The projection is also shared by Cameron, but it is not new. Still in 2020, the twins will affirm that either Bitcoin will hit this value within 10 years, it will only pass three.

“Is it three years or nine years old? A part of the time is difficult”Cameron commented, noting that Bitcoin hit $1 trillion in less than a decade.

“If you are going to observe the increases in value in Bitcoin, it is in this punctuated equilibrium that it is stable. He reaches a new price level and this is the new normal. So, it can happen very quickly.”

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is being traded for $26,850. Ou seja, its price will need to be multiplied by 18.6 times to reach US$ 500,000.

Facebook friends also talk about strategies and other investments

Asked about what advice they would give to cryptocurrency investors, Tyler recommended patience and left an alert on non-get rich quick hits.

Já Cameron highlighted that the HODL strategy (buy and never sell) was used by them, but it is more solid for them to enjoy long-term investments.

“It’s hard to truly understand cryptocurrencies if you don’t have any, so buy a little and experiment.”

Finally, the twins will also notice that he is accompanying the head of artificial intelligence. No meanwhile, we will notice that the AI ​​will not kill the cryptocurrencies, on the contrary, “The intersection of these two technologies will be incredible”.


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