Augusto Aras authorizes the attorney to go abroad for a cryptocurrency event

The Attorney-General of the Republic, Antônio Augusto Brandão de Aras, released an attorney from the Paraíba Public Ministry to appear at a cryptocurrency event in Chile.

The attorney in question is Tiago Misael de Jesus Martins, who is coordinated by the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office on some articles on the subject of cryptocurrencies. Currently, the municipality of Patos, in Paraíba, is experiencing a wave of coups involving cryptocurrency images, mainly as the Braiscompany and Fiji cases.

The attorney will participate in the 2nd Meeting of the Cryptocurrency Labor Group of the Western Hemisphere, constituted by the US Department of Justice, perform-itself in the period from June 14 to 16, 2023, in Santiago, not Chile, according to information from the Official Gazette of the Union.

Augusto Aras liberou attorney for cryptocurrency event promoted by the USA

With the release of the Paraíba attorney to visit the cryptocurrency event in Chile, Augusto Aras reinforces that the MPF is interested in deepening knowledge on the subject.

Before the attorney was confirmed, a civil Police of the State of Goiás had already confirmed his participation and found no information on cryptocurrencies.

Also disso, Receita Federal do Brasil also releases a server for the event promoted by the Department of Justice of the USA. As everything indicates, Brazil must have servers from different regions in the event.

Olho MPF do not fear cryptocurrencies

The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) has shown interest in cryptocurrencies, mainly after several operations against schemes in recent years.

E um dos intereses no fear envolve a la producção de artigos científicos envolving crimes con criptomonedas. The MPF has gathered publications by authors on the topic and receives at the end of july 2023 texts that address crimes.

The Attorney of the Republic Tiago Misael de Jesus Martins, coordinator of the publication, affirms that the academic discussion about the impacts of cryptoactive assets in the Law and, specifically, in the field of criminal investigations, is a matter of interest to the whole world. For him, by organizing a collection of articles on the topic, the MPF contributed to the dissemination of knowledge and expansion of the debate.

“The initiative demonstrates the institutional vision of the Criminal Chamber of the MPF and anticipates reflections that will arise with the imminent entry into force of Law 14,478/2022, scheduled for July of this year.”

In relation to the cryptocurrency market, the Attorney General of the Republic may play an indirect role, influencing regulatory questions and investigations related to the use of these digital currencies.

Embracing the specific regulation of cryptocurrencies falls under the responsibility of bodies such as the Central Bank of Brazil and the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), or MPF can exercise its role of supervision and proposition of legal actions to combat crimes involving cryptocurrencies, such as money laundering, evasion tax and fraud


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