We answer questions from Santander, Caixabank, Solaria, Acciona Energía, Iberdrola and Kering

We answer our readers’ questions with Ángel Cotera, BBVA Trader market specialist.

Santander Bank. It is testing the highs of 2019, in the last three months we have seen a collection of profits from the previous months of increases since October of last year. Now it seems that it wants to react, again, it is trading above the 200-day moving average and is lateralizing to find a bottom or at least not fall further. The key is that the support is the moving average of 200 sessions that is located at 3.0385 euros and the resistance is at 3.30 euros. Right now it is trading at the top of the range, I prefer to enter after breaking resistance even if it is more expensive or enter if it corrects to support. Stop loss at 2.94 euros.

Caixabank. In the case of Caixabank, it partially exceeded the bearish guideline, but later it went to look for the November lows at 3.12 euros and from there it is trying to overcome the 32-session moving average at 3.62 euros. The 3.6410 euros are a resistance reference, with support at 3.54 euros. As it trades above 200 sessions, it could give an entry option, with a stop loss at 3,397 euros.

Wallbox. We see falls on the weekly chart and at first glance for the medium term it does not look great. The 4-4.05 euros are resisting him, on May 8 he left us a bullish gap, he has already covered it and since then it seems that he has been encouraged. It is not a value to take into account, it can lateralize and it is at 50% of the moving average of 200 sessions. It’s a barbarity. In any case, prices close to 2.9130 euros could serve to enter, with a stop loss of 2.7480 dollars or above the resistance of 4 dollars.

SoundHound. It maintains a bearish guideline after a strong drop from $17, it is trading sideways and it does not give us any sign of a clear exit.

Microvision. It is a company that seems to have had a lot of short entry, and the closing of those short positions is what produces the big rallies. The support it has at $6.15 was resistance in October 2022, but of course since it has these candles with such acceleration, the stop loss must be set at $5.35. The first resistance is at $8.53, I would hold to that level after what you have waited for.

Activate Energy. Bearish guideline, descending highs and lows, I do not think it is a value to consider.

Grenergy Renewables. He has been falling for three months, decreasing highs and lows, is clearly bearish and is close to breaking through the weekly moving average. Low volume, because there is no desire to enter the value.

Solaria. It also falls, in the few sessions held in June it has already lost the low of the May candle. It is not an advisable sector, at least in the short term. At the moment, it can only continue to fall, there is no sign of stopping.

Iberdrola. Bullish fund, although in May it was difficult for it to exceed 12 euros and now it seems that it is in recovery or in a lateral phase without having lost 11.15 euros per share. Supports at 11.4050 euros, entry at 11.59 euros is complicated. Lateral, without greater risk and the objective to overcome is 11.7250 euros and later 12 euros.

kering. Clearly bullish fund for many years. In the short term, the weekly bearish guideline is missing, the moving average is missing. I would wait for it to do two things: 1) see if it is able to overcome the bearish gap that stands at 521 euros and exceeds the average of 200 sessions with a full candle. 2) See if it goes back to the support of 470 euros.

reference: www.estrategiasdeinversion.com

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