Memecoins zombando president of the SEC invades the market after processes against brokers

After the SEC prosecuted the two largest cryptocurrency brokerages earlier this week, Gary Gensler’s buzzing memecoins began to gain visibility in the market.

Good Gensler (GENSLR), for example, managed to appreciate 258% from the process against Binance, but its graph seems a bit bigger than its own cryptocurrency, with a negligible volume and various candles made up only of turkeys.

The Good Gensler (GENSLR) cryptocurrency has risen, but its trading chart shows why it is a memecoin.

In the social networks, the project is presented with a caricature of the president of the SEC, flying next to currencies such as Bitcoin, Doge, XRP, Ethereum and Pepe.

“$GENSLR is not a chattel value.”

Capa da memecoin Good Gensler (GENSLR) on Twitter.
Capa da memecoin Good Gensler (GENSLR) on Twitter.

Other memecoins will hit heavier

Because it is about memecoins, it is easy to find different projects with the same theme. Not so, contrary to the first example, others will hit harder.

TO F*ck Gary Gensler (FKGARY) — “fod*a-se Gary Gensler” — in translation, is the best example. Besides his provocative name, memecoin uses the character Mr. Burns from the Simpsons designs to refer to the president of the SEC.

“Gary Gensler is a BIG AMAZE for regulating cryptocurrencies like bullshit. Fight and join the movement.”

Twitter gives memecoin Fuck Gary Gensler (FKGARY).
Twitter gives memecoin Fuck Gary Gensler (FKGARY).

A memecoin até showed a high level in this third fair (6), but it presents losses of 48.5% in this fourth fair (7).

Another cryptocurrency used the acronym SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission, originally) to also offend the Commission.

For the breeders of this memecoin, SEC means Stupid Egotistical Cocksuckers, or “Estúpidos Egoístas Chupadores de p*nis”, in literal translation.

“F*g-se to SEC.”

Twitter gives memecoin SEC.
Twitter gives memecoin SEC.

The memecoin SEC price chart looks more elegant than the previous projects, but the data is barely a day old.

“$SEC is a meme token that is used by the SEC to regulate the cryptocurrency markets”descreveu-se o projeto. “They attack all decentralized insofar as they advise us to invest in “safe” licensed financial institutions such as FTX and SVB.”

SEC memecoin price chart.

Gary Gensler’s Twitter is also full of complaints and offenses

Since the president of the SEC became a cryptocurrency nemesis, his posts on Twitter are full of negative comments. While commemorating the 89th anniversary of the SEC at this terça-feira (6), Gary Gensler was bombarded again.

“Giving a party”wrote a user with Gensler fantasied of palhaço.

At the same time Changpeng Zhao, founder of Binance, stated that many cryptocurrency investors are claiming the positions of the SEC and its president.

“Ask me if you chose to read the comments in your post, two consumers that you should protect.”

Finally, the brigade between the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the cryptocurrency industry seems to be just beginning. By the hour, the market survives the attacks and even uses memecoins to jump, but that war is long overdue.


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