Binance CEO denies he has been shot 27 times after pulling out an AK-47 in confrontation with US police

Besides the SEC process, the founder of Binance is also needing to defend against fake news. In a tweet published in this quarter-feira (7), Changpeng Zhao shared a news clip about his death, but classified it as false.

Written in chinês, the false matter already suggests in its title that Changpeng Zhao “morreu in a fierce armed conflict with the US police” at dawn this fourth fair (7).

Following, the text indicates that the founder of Binance refused to cooperate with the US Public Ministry, which tried to look for new evidence in the house of the billionaire. Zhao, na verdade, dwells in Dubai.

“At one time, Zhao pulled an AK-47 from his house and confronted the police. The order to “put down your weapon” was ignored. After that, the team opted to shoot. Zhao and his gang will not be able to revive and will end up dead by the police.”I revealed to fake news that it also has an image of a dead person being carried in a plastic sack. “Zhao’s corps received 27 shots from the non-local morreu.”

Fake news about the death of Changpeng Zhao, machine translation. Source: Reproduction.

CEO of Binance affirms that the news is false

This is not the first time that fake news has been written in Chinese by the CEO of Binance. In March of this year, other false material suggested that Changpeng Zhao had been shot dead by the FBI, being widely shared in his native country.

Just like that again, Zhao used his social networks to deny the news, trying to still be alive.

“Multiple FUDs happening”revealed Zhao, sharing the capture of fake news. “It circulated widely in Asia, saying “I had a discussion that I had with an American inspection agency and I took out an AK47. The police then opened fire first and my death…””

“This is the second time that I imaginarily died at the news from Asia. The last one involved a porão cheio de BNB.”

Following, the billionaire was also bothered by the creativity of two authors of fake news: “Ah, and I shot 27 shots… Who invents those bullshit?”

Minutes later, Zhao jumped up with a fan who asked for 27 serious shots of alcoholic beverages.

“27 shots of tequila ainda machucariam”commented Zhao, now more distracted. “I would be finished after 2.”

Finally, turning to reality, the price of Binance Coin (BNB) is still strong at this fourth fair (7), being traded at US$ 261. American Binance has paused its over-the-counter market (OTC) and removed 102 pairs from your platform after the SEC process.


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