Canal do Discord distributed “cryptocurrency of grace”, but receives coup alert

In a new case of online fraud, coup leaders are exploring a popular communication platform discord to attract uninformed users and rob their funds. Through a custom URL called “BNBChain”, criminals create a fake and malicious server, disguised as “BNB Chain”, in order to trick their victims.

By entering the server, users are induced to perform a suspicious action that results in the loss of their funds.

The situation raises serious concerns in relation to cyber security and the need for constant vigilance by two users.

Understand what happened with the false distribution of BNB promised in the official Discord of BNB Chain

In this case, criminals will take advantage of a custom URL called “BNBChain”, supposedly associated with the “BNB Chain” brand, to create a fake and malicious server.

In note, the official profile on Twitter of the BNB Chain alerted all communities that they have not promoted the distribution of cryptocurrencies. Also disso, they ask that the users do not connect their wallets to the false promotion.

“Our custom Discord URL (BNBChain) is currently being used by coup plotters to lure unsuspecting users into a fake and malicious Discord server. The server is disguised as the BNB Chain brand, but when you log in, there is a request to ‘Connect Carteira’. This is a farce and if you connect your wallet, you will lose your funds. Be careful until we can confirm a resolution.”

It is important to highlight that the request to “Connect Carteira” was a farce and should not be publicly linked. The consequences of a hasty action can be devastating for the victims, resulting in lost savings and investments. Likewise, the BNB Chain did not disclose if they were victims of the case.

Case occurred after Binance received the SEC process. BNB Chain resumed control of Discord and apologized

It is worth mentioning that the BNB Chain project has a link to the Binance ecosystem, which received in recent days a process moved by the SEC, to CVM in the USA. With this, the coup leaders will take advantage of the case to promise a false distribution of cryptocurrencies, attacking the server of the project.

In the last third fair (6), or profile confirmed that he had restored the possession of his Discord BNBChain, retaking or controlling and removing the false promotions of two hackers.

“Update of Discord. We are afraid to announce that the BNBChain custom URL has been restored on our Discord server and all issues should be resolved. We take the necessary measures to protect the server and mitigate any future problems. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you once again for your patience and support!”

The incident involving the custom URL “BNBChain” on Discord serves as a shocking headline for how cybersecurity is a growing concern.

To protect against these blows, it is essential that users remain vigilant, up-to-date on the latest safety practices and have a healthy sense of mistrust when dealing with sudden requests.

The responsibility falls both on the users, who must be cautious, and on the platforms and services, which must constantly improve their protection measures to combat these threats in constant evolution.


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