EiDF will stop inorganic growth to improve the integration of already acquired companies

EiDF Solar, a company specialized in photovoltaic solar energy self-consumption installations, has closed the third quarter of the year exceeding the turnover by 40.71% compared to the forecasts in its Business Plan and 932.86% compared to the same period from the previous year.

The company has achieved in the third quarter of the year a turnover of 315.54 million euros, and a registered EBITDA of 46.86 million euros, an increase of 81.68% of the objective for this year and 560% compared to the same period of the previous year.

“The result has not been a surprise because we had already come from a Q1 and Q2 with a trend and we had already done a review of the business plan. We have been executing what we had planned, it is not something circumstantial. We have a very important activity in the company and the value we estimated is being generated”, declares Fernando Romero, CEO of EiDF Solar in his interview for Investment Strategies and adds that, at EiDF, “we are committed to continuing to grow in a sustainable and profitable manner and 2023 will be a good year too”.

Fernando Romero has also talked about how the regulation of the sector in Spain and how the continuous regulatory changes affect not only the company, but renewable energies in general. “As for the self-consumption area, it has its complexity. Domestic self-consumption has been favored to the detriment of the industrial one and we do not understand why […] What we ask for is a regulatory simplification in the industrial field.”

from the side of company growthRomero has made his intention clear and has assured that, for the time being, they have no intention of continuing to integrate new companies, “we are not going to acquire anything right now, although an opportunity may arise and it will be valued, but now it is time to stop and integrate the 100% of the acquisitions we have already made.”

Likewise, as announced by the company itself, the results achieved in the third quarter of 2022 “indicate assured future growth and a solid business profile, which has allowed the initiation of internal procedures and work to incorporate EiDF shares into the Continuous Market “.

As for speculation about a possible capital increase In the short term, the CEO of the company has made it clear that “there will be no expansion in 2022, it will be for Q1 2023” and explains the reasons for this decision, “we believe that the company has development left and we are going to take advantage” and He anticipates that it will be 10% on capitalization “in order to reach the free float that the CNMV asks of us.”

According to his statements, “we believe that in Q1 of 2023 we will have options to be in the Continuous Market. We are preparing the part of the prospectus and the analysis of the company’s business plan to get an assessment” and makes it clear that “we are not going to give nothing away We are unique and we are the self-consumption company that grows the most in Europe […] We will discuss until the last euro of the valuation.”

With respect to Split 4×1 announced by the company, Romero assures that “it is necessary” as it is one of the most liquid companies in the market, “we want more liquidity. We understand investor psychology.”

To know all the details about the financial figures, evolution and perspectives of EiDF in the Spanish market, do not miss the full interview.

reference: www.estrategiasdeinversion.com

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