Servihabitat closes sales for more than 1,600 million euros, 13% more than in 2021

Servihabitat, a benchmark multi-product and multi-client servicer in the management of real estate and financial assets, closed the first nine months of 2022 with sales of more than 1,600 million euros, a growth of 13.5% compared to last year, which confirms the dynamism of the real estate market and the marketing power of Servihabitat.

The local transactions and the sale of offices have continued to promote the tertiary market, which has increased its turnover by 7% year-on-year. The demand for premises has remained strong with marketing that has increased its sales value by 18.7%. In the case of offices, this increase compared to 2021 has been 17.8%, a figure that reflects a certain change in trend in the abandonment of telecommuting and the return to face-to-face work.

The tone of land market continues with a stable growth trend. The servicer has increased the sales value of these assets by 5% compared to the first nine months of 2021.

For his part, the residential it remains a solid market segment, with robust demand. The commercialization of Servihabitat for this type of assets has meant a volume of business that has shown a new increase of 16.4% year-on-year.

For Iheb Nafaa, CEO of Servihabitat, “The activity until September reflects the good tone that the real estate sector has maintained and, with these data, our forecast is to close 2022 maintaining the record figures of last year, despite the fact that a certain contraction in demand is expected due to the inflationary context and the rise in interest rates”.

A commercial campaign to boost various market segments

With the aim of continuing to boost the market, Servihabitat has launched a discount campaign of up to 35% on the price of more than 14,000 assets distributed throughout the national territory.

Under the campaign “Here. Where prices, instead of going up, go down”, the selected offer focuses on the residential product, with more than 4,300 homes; tertiary product, with more than 2,800 stores; and land, where there are more than 4,900 land assets, intended especially for self-development and small developers.

The assets are mainly located in the provinces of Valencia, Seville, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Burgos and Murcia.

The Executive Director of REOs Sales and Marketing of Servihabitat, Isidro Sorianohas indicated that “this is one of the most ambitious initiatives that we have launched with a large selection of assets that allow us to support different market segments” and has pointed out that “given the good prospects for the sector, and despite a possible contraction in consumption, we see a solid demand in real estate to which we give more facilities to access the product that best suits their needs”.

As announced by the company, this offer will maintain price discounts until early November.


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