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  • Binance US Removes Over 100 Crypto Trading Pairs Following SEC Lawsuit

    Key facts: The 101 removed trading pairs correspond to the USDT, BTC and BUSD markets. Binance US only removed 4 pairs related to the cryptocurrencies named in the lawsuit. Binance US, the United States subsidiary of the cryptocurrency giant, announced Wednesday afternoon that it would remove more than 100 cryptocurrency trading pairs from the tether […]

  • Robo Bitcoin 360 AI infiltrates Brazilian government sites and receives coup accusations

    EITHER Livecoins rush some complaints about the new and suspicious stole Bitcoin 360 AI, which was presented to investors on the internet. With promises of quick profits and on top of the market, given that the product places the risk or assets of two investors. This is because, by operating without the authorization of organizations […]

  • Why the SEC Sues Binance and Coinbase, But Didn’t Sue FTX

    The US securities regulator’s lawsuits against cryptocurrency exchanges Binance and Coinbase this week mark a more aggressive legal assault on the cryptocurrency industry, a lean the agency has failed to demonstrate in the past, especially against the collapsing FTX. This topic is widely discussed by the community that revolves around cryptocurrencies. Everyone has their attention […]

  • Cardano: Droht dem ADA-Kurs nun ein deutlicher Abverkauf?

    Im Gegensatz zum Konkurrenten Ethereum (ETH), der sich nach dem Abverkauf am Kryptomarkt zu Wochenbeginn in den letzten 24 Stunden erholen konnte, zeigt der ADA-Kurs merkliche Schwächeanzeichen und handelt aktuell unter dem gestrigen Tagestief. Damit folgt der ADA-Kurs dem Abverkauf des Binance Coins (BNB) der in den letzten Handelsstunden erneut zweistellig eingebrochen ist. Aussagen des […]

  • American Binance Announces Delisting of 102 Cryptocurrency Pairs

    To Binance.US, a brokerage that serves American clients, informed you this quarter-feira (7) that will be removing 102 pairs of cryptocurrencies from its platform. The action occurred a few days after the broker was prosecuted by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The removal seems to be urgent, I will take effect at this […]

  • More than 80 thousand bitcoins withdrawn from exchanges after lawsuit against Coinbase and Binance

    After the lawsuits filed against Binance and Coinbase, withdrawals from exchanges have increased sharply, reaching $1.2 billion, in the last 24 hours. The data reveal that, since this Monday, June 5, after hearing the lawsuit against Binance, more than 80 thousand bitcoins (BTC) have been withdrawn from the different exchanges. In the last 24 hours, […]

  • Memecoins zombando president of the SEC invades the market after processes against brokers

    After the SEC prosecuted the two largest cryptocurrency brokerages earlier this week, Gary Gensler’s buzzing memecoins began to gain visibility in the market. Good Gensler (GENSLR), for example, managed to appreciate 258% from the process against Binance, but its graph seems a bit bigger than its own cryptocurrency, with a negligible volume and various candles […]

  • The Ibex 35 stands out from the falls in Europe thanks to the rise of Inditex

    Inditex has staged its biggest rise in a year, standing at 33.63 euros per share, very close to its all-time high (34.85) and its capitalization is above 100,000 million. After Inditex came Sacyr with an increase of 2.41%, IAG (Iberia) 1.59%, Repsol 1.28% and Bankinter 1.18%. Acciona Energía has led the declines in the IBEX […]

  • Sacyr completes the construction of the new Edinburgh tram after investing 240 million euros

    Edinburgh City Council today inaugurated the extension of the tram line connecting the city center with Newhaven, built by the joint venture SFN, led by Sacyr together with Farrans. The project, awarded by Edinburgh Trams, included the design, construction and commissioning and has involved a investment of 207 million pounds (240 million euros). The extension […]

  • Ethereum domains will be compatible with web browsers

    Ethereum Name Service (ENS), the domain system of the Ethereum network, will support .box domains from October. The particularity of these is that they will be compatible with internet browsers. Nick Johnson, Lead Developer of ENS, shared news on Twitter. In his message, he assured that .box will be the first blockchain-native TLD (top-level domain) […]